Monday, November 30, 2015

School Daze

A Monetessori type activity. Dominic did very well with this, but got bored quickly
Ah homeschooling has been a difficult task for us this year. We started the year with online public school, but found it to be a very difficult task for us. It was very rigid, and there was A LOT of work every day, the phonics lesson alone was an hour and there were days when he had to do two lessons in one day. It definitely didn't feel flexible, and it started to be such a fight just to get Dominic to sit with me and do anything. That is not what I want school to be like for us.

Then we tried some unschooling, but it switched quickly into laziness and we accomplished very little. I decided that this was unlikely to make anyone successful. We had purchased a preschool/kindergarten set of curricula from Catholic Heritage Curricula and I decided to give that a try again. It is sort of workbook-ish, but it is such a small amount of work that, so far, it has gone well. Also, this adds religion in, which is definitely a big part of why we want to homeschool anyway, and I've been impressed with Dominic's knowledge and how quickly he has caught on to new concepts.

This was an attempt at an art project. We used sponge cut into a heart shape and dipped in green. Dominic was not impressed

He has a difficult time with scissors, he refuses to let me help him hold them with one hand, but I'm trying to let him cut it anyway. 

He does a very good job of gluing though. ;-)

I really like the picture of the number displayed on a hand, he's able to know those on site, which makes him feel better

Dominic doesn't like to color, but he does enjoy telling me what color to do

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