Thursday, December 3, 2015

First Week of Advent Link Up

I'm linking up with Beth Anne this week, and hopefully will be able to remember to link up each week. She gives some writing prompts at the beginning of the week, and then you can link up later in the week. If you're struggling to get back into blogging (like I am!) then this is a great way to do it. 

What does Advent mean to you?

I know that a lot of converts feel a special closeness to Lent and Easter because that is often when converts are welcomed into the Church, and I feel like that makes sense, and love Lent and Easter. But, I was baptized in September, so I don't have that same connection. Instead, as a convert, I was able to witness Advent and Christmas in a special way my first year as a Catholic. I started coming to Mass during the Easter season prior, so I had yet to witness the taking away of the Gloria. I remember that it confused me and struck me particularly. Jason told me that Advent is a time for preparation for the coming of the Lord, and the Gloria would come back at the Midnight(ish) Mass on Christmas Eve. I went to my first penance service during that Advent, and was amazed to see so many people wanting to clean their souls before the coming of the Lord. I had a copy of the Magnificat's Advent Companion, and enjoyed the little reflections and the daily prayer that helped me reflect on what the waiting was all about.

To me Advent will always remind me of those times when we are quiet, where we wait in anticipation for the birth of the Christ Child, in full joy marveling at His Glory.

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