Monday, April 12, 2010

First Day on the Job!

Well, today was my first official day as housewife! :) Technically you could say it was Saturday, but since I didn't really do anything....we aren't going to count that day!! ;-) We had such a nice weekend, wouldn't have wanted to add to it by adding work or something!

Well, this morning Jason let me sleep in until 6AM (I know it's so hard for him!) and we were able to get up and say morning prayer together before heading off to Mass. Oh how I've missed daily Mass! I've said it before and I'll say it again: when you CAN'T go to daily Mass it makes you feel even sorrier for all of the times that you chose not to go out of laziness/fatigue/just not feeling like it! It's such a blessing, and even more of a blessing to go as a family! :-D After Mass we had a little breakfast and Jason headed off to work. I finished my breakfast and waited for a bit to make some calls and change appointments. Then a little after 8AM I headed off for my errands of the day. They included getting my tire fixed (hooray for Deloaches!), going to the grocery store, and dropping off some bills as another aspect of my job--Spano Computer Services secretary! ;-) Once home I worked on getting our bedroom nice and clean...I've decided that it will be good for me to really clean one room a day for now to get in the groove plus to give myself time to prop my feet. I had lunch ready for Jason at noon too! :) I finished our room and did the dishes and was pretty tuckered out! I rested for the last couple hours in the afternoon before Jason got home and headed to his meeting for Relay For Life.

Dinner is simmering now, and will definitely be ready by the time Jason gets home! I am so excited and so blessed to be able to be home and to be starting my life as a stay at home wife. I know that it will really be a blessing for us and definitely for our kids! :)

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