Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Lenten Update

What? Just because it's, Holy week doesn't mean I can't do an update. Right?

This Lent I had big plans that included Daily Mass, Weekly Adoration, and of course my regular sacrifice. However, we didn't make Daily Mass at all and only once to Adoration. I'm inclined to let this really get me down, but I'm not going to. I managed to do my sacrifice (which was fasting every Friday) and even managed to keep up on my daily prayers for the most part. That is a win in my book!

As we go into this week, I find myself more focused on the Passion of Our Lord. As I look at the struggles that I face I'm really trying to place them at His feet, and remember His cross was greater and it was FOR ME. What better reminder is there that these struggles are not harder than anyone else's and I'm not alone in them.

Have a Blessed Holy Week!

**pictures are unrelated evidence of the joys of being a little boy in the spring

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