Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Weightloss Update

Oh goodness, it's been a long time since I've done a weightoss update. I'll be really honest, it's because I've been in this awful plateau and I've been kind of depressed about it.

For a while I wasn't eating right and not exercising in the way that I should. Thankfully I only went up about 2 pounds. Frustrating, but manageable for sure.

So, it was time to really do something more serious. I rejoined Weight Watchers and I started my daily run again. I also joined the local Curves because I got a notice in the mail that said they were going to be open 24/7. Basically she has a key lock on the door and you can go in whenever you want. It's totally worth the  monthly fee.

Now for numbers. The last time I did a weightloss post (August-yikes!) I was 267 pounds. This week when I did my Weight Watchers weigh-in I was at 264.1 pounds. That is a very good start. We'll see how this week goes.

Obviously, this weightloss journey is actually about more than just weight. I want to get stronger, and be able to do more with my family. Yesterday I did my run and then we went hiking at Picketwire canyon. We had planned to do the 5 miles until the dinosaur tracks, but the boys just couldn't handle it. They were so tired. We really need to build up their endurance I think. So, more hiking trips are in our future! ;-)

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