Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter Wonderland

We're finally getting some good snow this Winter, we had some (maybe 2 inches?) on Saturday night and last night it started again. It is very pretty.

But it is hard to get it all shovelled up, making a nice extra cardio workout for me. It looks so pretty and nice right? I'm loving it...except that tomorrow I'm driving 250 miles to go to Greeley to see my cooking hero Alton Brown. He's doing a show in my old home town and I'm going with two girl friends. If it is too bad, Jason will have to drive me up and go hang out somewhere with the boys while we go to the show. He's a good husband!

Completely unrelated, here are some adorable pictures of the boys that I haven't gotten to share yet!

And here is one that Google+ "helped" by removing the moving objects. ;-)

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