Monday, August 19, 2013

2 Years

Can you believe that it's been since Dominic's birthday that I last blogged? I can, I am terrible about keeping up with this thing, I always say I will do better, and I always fail. Sigh, I should stop saying I will do better! ;-)

Two years ago the Spano house got a little crazier. Christopher James Spano was born at 8:24AM via repeat c-section. He was born at the hospital that Jason works at and the anesthetist was so excited she wanted to call Jason and tell him right then. She used the surgery phone which came up as "unavailable" on his phone so he knew that it was work and he wouldn't answer. She had to call from her cell phone before he answered and she handed the phone to me so I could say we'd been blessed with another boy.

 He is such a funny little boy. He isn't speaking yet, but I think we're getting closer. He had a sedated auditory test on Wednesday last week to see if his hearing is OK, and it is perfect to 20 decibels. Also, his ears look "pristine" per the doctor so he removed the one tube still in and there was no need for more tubes, so hooray!

He loves to do this little dance on his tiptoes, it is so adorable, but of course impossible to catch on video. And he has recently started jumping with both feet. He thinks it's so fun and he makes himself giggle like crazy.

He seriously loves to have his picture taken right now. If there is a flash that he can see, he will come right up to you and smile so big for it. If you are taking a picture of something else then he will come photobomb.

Looks like not much has changed...he would still bite his brother's finger if he stuck it in his mouth. ;-)

Happy Birthday make the Spano home more fun and giggle filled and we love you!

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