Thursday, May 13, 2010

Work, Work, Work!

That's all it seems Jason and I have been doing this week! The health fair was this week at PMC and they had lots of computers out for use, so Jason had to go in early everyday this week to get them set up and has been otherwise extremely busy all day long. And into the evenings as well! :( It seems as though these things happen on weeks he's not on call.

I put in to work PRN at Holly Nursing Home and at times for Juniper Village in Lamar, for RehabCare and was to have my first day/orientation be on Wednesday. But, Monday I got a phone call asking if I could start helping out sooner, like the next day, because the PTA that treats patients at both facilities has been swamped at the Lamar facility. So, I officially started back to work on Tuesday afternoon and have been working a couple hours every day since. I will also be working at least Mon-Weds next week too! :-o It's kind of weird going back to work, even if it's only for a couple of hours a day. I have to plan out my days a little bit better!

I think Jason and I are BOTH looking forward to this weekend, and relaxing! On Saturday morning we are doing the Spring Sprint 1.5 mile walk and then we are going to check out the rest of Lamar Days. On Sunday morning we're planning on leaving early to go see the grandma early as she hasn't been feeling too well. I'm also hoping to talk Jason into taking me out for some hot wings on the way home! ;-) As long as I don't eat breaded ones, they're a 'free food'! WooHoo! Oh yeah, and also only if they don't use sugar in their sauce...but really, with hot wings, who would?!

Well, time to work some more, going to finish getting dinner ready and baking some cookies (that I can't even eat!!! Talk about torture!) for Jason to have, and to take to Sue Portner's going away potluck tomorrow at PMC. She and Dr P are really good people, and have done a lot for me! :) PMC will definitely miss her!

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  1. Is Dr, Portner not doing O.B. there any more? Whenever you need help just call---don't want you giving in to temptation now(cookies)! HA HA Love always MOM