Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crazy Start to the Week!

Well, Jason and I had a great weekend. He got up early (and lovingly let me sleep in! :-D) on Saturday and worked super hard in the backyard clearing out branches and moving rocks. We decided to have his sister do just the front yard at this time, since we're using seed, and if everything works well, we'll do the back in the fall. This saves us some money if it doesn't grow well, as we do have 13,000+ square feet! :-O On Saturday night we went to Mass in Las Animas and Jason had more drama/excitement from Fr. Grimes about how he is receiving Holy Communion (on his knees), so that involved a little 'discussing' with the priest and hopefully that gets resolved soon! Sunday we went to brunch at Bent's Fort Inn with the Spano clan and everyone else had the buffet, while I had a burger and salad (since I could eat half of the bun, and most stuff on the buffet was super carby). We played games for a little while, but around 3PM Jason got called into work so we headed home for him to save the day. Which he did of course! ;-)

Monday I had my doctor's appointment along with an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner and the Dietitian. I have been doing pretty well, but was still really stressed that the doctor was going to say that I needed insulin. Jason wasn't able to go with me to the appointments because this week is the Health Fair at PMC and he had to get computers set up for everyone. :( The Mom went with me, and my mom would have gone too, but she took Friday off and couldn't take Monday off too. The nurse practitioner was pretty negative (as she always is) talking about giving insulin and how I'd likely need a c-section because the baby will be too big. :( Needless to say, I left her office sort of freaking out. Then it was onto the dietitian who gave me meal plans that were pretty much the same as the stuff I had, except that she was giving me MORE carbs. That made me nervous and I told her and the NP that I was nervous because I hadn't been eating the amount of carbs I could and my numbers were pretty high. Both seemed to not address that. :( So, onto the doctor. I lost 4 pounds! :-O The change in diet and the walking must have done that! But, since I'm overweight, it's not a concern right now, if I KEPT losing weight, the doc might get worried, but makes me feel good for after the baby is born. Dr Hall was totally impressed with my sugars and gave me a little more leeway. I had been told fasting should be 60-90 and 2 hours after eating 60-120. He told me he's OK with it being up to 100 fasting and 140 2 hours after eating, so not to worry about my 125-130's. He also said I could drop to 2 pokes a day! WooHoo! Just fasting and 2 hours after lunch. Then we did an ultrasound to see the size of the baby. I told the tech we didn't want to know the sex of the baby, and she was relieved! She said 'whew, then I don't have to look!' Apparently she's a rare u/s tech who'd rather not bother. The kumquat measured perfectly for 29 1/2 weeks (which I am!) and weighed about 3#5oz. So cool! The doctor mentioned something about inducing "sugar babies" at 38 weeks, but I'm really hoping with another ultrasound in a month, if everything is still normal he'll let it slide. Though, those last two weeks are when they gain lots of weight, so we'll just have to pray.

Today I'll be going to Holly Nursing Home to work for a few hours, I might even make enough for my car payment! ;-) I did a little bit around the house and some errands but mostly just rested this morning so I don't have to worry about being super tired tonight. I've got a yummy dinner planned and I want to have the energy to cook it! :)

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