Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PMC Is Killing Me!!!

OK, I'm exaggerating... but only slightly!  I have really been stressed out at work lately... :(  I have been working long hours, busting my butt, and still catching all kinds of flak from upper-management.  Today I found out that I have to start attending the Manager Meetings again.  When I first started working here, I had to attend those meetings.  But after a while the CFO started taking over for IT.  Those were the good old days.  I hate those meetings more than any of the others I have to attend.  Maybe I can call in sick on the first and third Wednesdays of the month...  I'm not a manager, and I don't want to be one.  On top of that, the CEO has been piling 'special' projects on my plate.  I can't get anything accomplished.  Brandi is smart and she is picking things up quickly, but there is SO MUCH to learn... I have to do a lot of training to help her learn the ropes.  I have never been this far behind at any job. :(  It's 10:00pm and I just barely walked in the door.  I would like to sleep in, but I have an 8:00am meeting and I want to go to Mass at 7:00am.

Sigh... It's only been 4 months, but I really NEED a vacation.  Hopefully things get better soon...

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