Monday, February 22, 2010

18 Weeks!

So, technically, the kumquat isn't the size of a kumquat anymore, but it just fits the new baby Spano! :) The baby is about 5 1/2 oz and the length of a bell pepper. I'm really feeling him/her moving but it's inconsistent, usually when I'm leaning forward a lot or really, REALLY relaxed! We had our 3rd OB appointment today and got to hear the baby's heart beat which is definitely my new favorite sound! :-D The heartrate was around 148bpm, and sounded good and strong. I asked the doc if another baby was hiding in there and he said he hoped not and that if there was then Jessica had some 'splainin' to do! (That's the ultrasound tech) Speaking of ultrasounds, today was the day we could have had our 2nd "included" ultrasound and found out the sex of the baby. We chose to decline that because we aren't finding out the sex of the baby so there's no other reason to have the ultrasound since everything seems pretty good. We also declined the Triple Marker Test that tests for Down's Syndrome, some extra chromosome, and spina bifida I think. They're not super accurate blood tests so there's a possibility it would say you have a chance for one of those things and you prepare and you have a perfectly healthy baby, or vice versa. We just decided it wasn't something we wanted to do. I have been swelling quite a bit lately, and getting headaches, though my blood pressure has been pretty good so the doc wasn't super worried. But wants to keep an eye on me so I have to go back in two weeks instead of four. :( Jason and I are sure everything is OK since my blood pressure is fine and the doc just wants some extra dough ;-) but I'll follow the docs orders just in case and I would want to know if I was preeclampsic (sp?!).

We also got a chance to ask the doctor about some of his procedures at delivery; such as liklihood of getting desires/wishes during delivery (walking/moving during contractions), chances of induction and c-sections, and his use of episiotomies. I think he seems pretty laid back, but we were in the office not the heat of delivery. Though, I'm totally impressed with my husband and have complete faith in him that he will stand up for me during delivery and not allow the doc to do any unnecessary medical interventions. :-D It's awesome to be married to someone who will stand up for you!

After the appointment we had dinner at my favorite GC restaurant...El Camino's a yummy Mexican joint! Then we went to Target and ended with some ice cream from Baskin and Robbins. I got orange sherbert and Jason got some wild and crazy sherbert and then traded with me when I liked his better! :-D He's amazing! And so good to me! <3 I love when he comes to visit me in GC, but I hate saying goodbye. :( I am very ready for the baby to get here so that we can be together as a family all the time!

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