Monday, January 4, 2010

Who Knew a Toothbrush Could Make One so Sick...and Other Random Thoughts of the Day

For about two weeks now, everytime I brush my teeth I'm reduced to dry heaves. It lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. It's not fun at all! :( I thought I had finally beat the problem last week when I bought some orange flavored toothpaste (I know, orange flavored hardly feels like real toothpaste at all! :-O)...but this morning it came back in full force. Here's to hoping that the second trimester brings with it a calmed tummy!

We have been suffering at work with low census, this results in lost time at work. Sometimes as much as half of our day. Today was no different as we only had 2 patients. There should have been a bright spot with an interview for a new PT, but she called to say that she'd accepted a position at another facility. :( Who waits until the day of the interview to cancel?! We don't want her anyway! The low census leaves you with a feeling of not accomplishing anything (along with a short paycheck!) and breeds resentment, for me anyway. The resentment is towards coworkers who have the same (or less) patients and are not clocking out for low census. It's frustrating. As I decided to vent to my boss, our conversation veered some to talk of my pregnancy. She's very excited for us because it's great to see a family that wants to have the baby and aren't just dealing with consequences. :-D That is somewhat sad that it is her normal exposure to families having kids...Jason and I are incredibly excited for our kumquat to get here! My boss is a great person with a big heart, our conversations usually veer somewhat to the religious as well. She's halfway across the Tiber but doesn't know it yet! ;-) She was raised Baptist, but working in a Catholic hospital, just feet away from Perpetual Adoration is working on her heart. I see a conversion in her future!

Being away from home for a week at a time is a struggle too. I miss Jason more everyday! :(

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