Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Only Tuesday?

Isn't it awful how when you're excited for something time goes SO slowly? Well, that's how my weeks are here in Garden City. Especially now that we've decided that since I've been so tired that I shouldn't go home on Wednesday nights. 3AM just comes way too early.

I got a message from a friend of mine from PTA school, Ann, she's living in Germany now. She got pregnant during our last internships and now has a 14-15 month old. She loves to talk to me about being pregnant. It sure is fun to think about all the changes! I find myself getting caught up in the roughness of this first trimester, and forget the miracle that has happened. There is a new person growing inside of me, and just thinking of that miracle and how God created a soul for this tiny little kumquat growing....is amazing. And humbling. I am so blessed to be a pregnant mom, and incredibly blessed as well to have a husband who is so caring and wonderful and really bends over backwards to make me feel better in my pregnancy. :-D <3

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