Thursday, January 23, 2014

Small Success (Vol 4)

Oh hello blog readers, here you thought I might be getting back into the habit of blogging, what with a couple posts last week and all, then lo and behold another week goes by with nothing. Sigh, such is life. I've been hoarding pictures of the boys because I thought they would make great blog posts. So, this week's small success post is going to be picture heavy.

Small Success Thursdays at 
It's important that moms realize that the little things add up, that what we are doing is making a difference, that's why uses Thursdays for moms to talk about our successes of the week.

1) I've been working more on less screen time and more time of one on one play to help with Christopher's speech as well as helping Dominic with his conversational speech. So this week I made a conscious effort to plan our days a bit better and I got some craft stuff for the boys to try out.

We also worked on reading together, and put together a puzzle.

I took the boys to see the local "dinosaur train", and we walked around the Enchanted Forest.

2) On top of the increased one on one time, I've managed to keep the house mostly up too, but I'm trying to take my focus away from dishes, laundry, and vacuuming. Somehow, by taking my focus away from that and onto the boys, I've still managed to get everything done. It even seems easier. I'm sure it's a fluke.

3) I've cooked mostly healthy meals all week, and the boys are even trying them. Christopher is tasting more foods every day and I consider any day that I don't have to resort to PB&J a complete win!

Head on over to CatholicMom and see everyone else's successes as well as sharing your!

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