Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was the first in a while that I haven't worked at all so that was kind of nice. Jason was able to go into the office for most of the day on Saturday and get a lot of stuff done. While he was at work, I braved the local craft fair with the boys and saw a lot of really nice things, but we didn't buy anything. Dominic was fascinated with these amazing wooden trucks, but with a $300 price tag, they are definitely not going on his Christmas list. :-/

We had a nice dinner together as a family, and then some of the leftover homemade ice cream. We're having to start giving the boys baths separately because they both desperately want to lay down in the bath tub and just fight over the prime spot in the tub. Dominic is currently loving Monsters University and Monsters Inc. It's so cute listening to him say "Mike Housekey"!

It definitely seems like the most laid back weekends are the ones that stay with me. Little moments of silliness with the boys, quiet game nights with Jason (did I mention that I caught him with his hand full in Canasta? I believe he had 5 points that hand :-D), movie family times, it just stays with me. I love those quiet weekends, I'm going to stock up these memories, and hold them in my heart. 

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