Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sleep...It's What I Need

Last night was definitely a rough night. Christopher woke up at one point for 2 hours. That is very not like him, so it was super rough. We finally gave him some baby Orajel and that helped a bit (or maybe not and it was coincidence??) and he slept. But, I was so tired this morning. Jason got up with the boys after I nursed Christopher at 5AM and hung out with them and then the three boys went to Mass together.

I have managed to stay on track with some of my mini goals still though so that is positive. The dishes are done and dinner is in the crock-pot. The boys and I are relaxing/playing in the living room waiting for Daddy to get home for lunch.

However, in an online group of Catholic women that I am part of I was whining this morning and someone mentioned something that really stuck. She asked how much caffeine I have in the afternoon/evening. I was thinking I have a cup of generic Diet Mtn. Dew sometimes, but that was it. But...I reflected a bit more and realized that my tried and true drink packets that I love (I hate, hate, hate drinking plain water) have caffeine in them. If I combine all of my drinks in a day I am probably getting about 500mcg of caffeine a day. And so is Christopher. :( Epic fail as a momma. So, I'm cutting out the caffeine. I will cut it out completely (minus chocolate because really I can't lose chocolate!!!) for a couple of weeks and see if that makes a difference in Christopher being able to sleep longer stretches. Hopefully it does make a difference.

Or maybe hopefully it doesn't...I do like caffeine. ;-)

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