Thursday, February 10, 2011

Small Successes

FaithButtonThis week, it seems like a struggle to think of just one success for me, so I thought it would be important to do this week's Small Successes and focus on some of the things that I've done this week.

1) I have kept the house relatively picked up, this is a big deal to me because lately I've been really struggling with the daily routine and figuring out how to do it and still use the time when Dominic is not napping to spend with him. So, this week I'm proud of myself for the doing the dishes more than once, and even doing the laundry!

2) Cooked something new, and it didn't completely suck! I roasted a whole chicken for the first time ever on Tuesday. It was kind of a pain, and as Jason said, not sure the difficulty involved was worth the meal, but it was cool that I did it and it tasted good. I'd really like to try cooking something new every week, we'll see how Jason goes for that! ;-)

3) Dominic rolled over for the first time!OK, so it's not *my* success per se, but it was so wonderful that I decided to put it here. I guess in a way it is our success as parents as we have been better about giving Dominic the time he needs on the floor. We love holding him, so we spend a lot of time playing with him in our arms, and I think it sort of hindered that instinct a bit. So, we've made a more conscious effort to leave him on the floor playing a bit more.

So, what are your small successes this week?


  1. you do have a mama in law who loves you and would love the opportunity to do corporal works of mercy by helping you out once in a while, but you won't let her, duh! I see that you don't care about my spiritual welefare? How am I supposed to work off some of my purgatory if I don't get opportunities by helping loved ones at least?

  2. I'm pretty sure you're doing corporal works of mercy for EVERY other person in your life, and it is OUR corporal work of mercy to tell you no. ;-) :-P

  3. My tongue is sticking out at you and I might now have to resort to the elf when you are occupied! Every other person is not the J&J Spanos and helping once in a while would make me feel good! Where do you get the little faces?

  4. Jean beans! I liked the Kumquat title better:( I have changed my blog name several times so I know what you're going through.. hint hint;-) But Two Adults and a Kumquat was unique and memorable. I remembered it and that's how I found you! You should add a ''Follow" button so people can track you down too, especially if you're going to be changing your name on us;-D Happy blogging!

  5. I don't have a follow button?! I'll have to get my webmaster on that! ;-) I wanted to do something like "The fruit on the Spano Family tree" or something, but couldn't quite figure it out. I'm still working on it though. It might go back to being something fruit-ish though! :)