Friday, January 21, 2011

New Blog Name! Come on It's Interesting!!

So, I decided to update our blog name to something that gives us a bit more room when it comes to adding kiddos. After all, it would get somewhat tedious to just add the newest nickname ofthe baby. I contemplated doing something about the Spano "Fruit Tree" since we nicknamed Dominic the "kumquat" but then reason took me and I realized that would probably make us sound "fruitier" and "nuttier" than we wanted.

The new name is courtesy of my awesome husband, Jason Spano, I just added the ellipses...what I like them?

Speaking of this pregnancy, it seems to be going well, I'm about 8 1/2 weeks pregnant (we think, we'll have a better estimate of that after Monday and the ultrasound). I'm much more nauseous than I was with Dominic, but if I can keep from getting those itchy rashes I'll take it! Even if the nausea means that my dreams are about getting sick. OK, well, last night was the first one, but it was super weird and left me wondering if I actually DID get sick. Like that saying about the man who dreamed he was eating his pillow, and woke up chewing on it...or something? With this pregnancy, we'll be planning a repeat c-section as our hospital does not allow VBACs. I'm coming to terms with it, but it is difficult. We don't want our family size limited by what my scar tissue can handle, but we're going to pray that it is all in God's will. We would gladly accept your prayers as well. :)

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