Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Beginning of the End...

...of the pregnancy that is! :-D We are officially in the third trimester! WooHoo! That's right, the countdown has really begun! Our little kumquat will be making his or her appearance in just about 12 weeks! :-o That sounds soooo soon! Luckily I've been working to get things ready. Last night Jason got the hutch (aka the kumquat's dresser ;-)) cleaned and IN the room and today I am washing all of the clothes, linen, and diapers we have so far. Next will be organizing! Maybe nesting has begun?!

Week 2 of gestational diabetes has also started, and it's off to a pretty good start. I've had the majority of my numbers be in the zone since Sunday, and thanks to a chat with my mom and dad, I think we're working on figuring out the trends. According to my dad, some foods that are 'safe' or even 'free' in my books that the dietitian gave me increase his blood sugar to the point of it being high for days. So, we'll look at what I ate and not just whether I'm in the zone of carb counting, as some stuff might just affect me more. Yesterday was my first day with my fasting sugar being in line, and I'd eaten an apple for a snack before bed. I ate a banana yesterday and my 2 hour blood sugar was great, so I thought I could eat a banana with my snack last night, but this morning woke with a little high of fasting sugar. So, while bananas might be OK for me to snack on during the day, I should probably not eat any right before bed. I'm getting it...;-) Also, I was told to walk 30 minutes every day so last night Jason brought up the treadmill and we found a good place for it in our room. I've used it twice so far, so that's pretty much a record for me when it comes to exercising! :-D

Last night we measured our yard out, as we've successfully talked Jonnie into planting our new lawn for us. ;-) We have A LOT of yard...I told Jason if we ever move, he better not EVER think of a corner lot again! I'm sure we'll be happy there is plenty of space for the kids to play later...but as we were calculating last night, 13,000 sqare feet of grass is an awful lot! We're hoping to get this done next week, so we have some work to do to prep everything for her this weekend. Since Jason's class is over now, we can work on it on Saturday. Is it weird to be excited to do chores together?!! Well, I am anyway! :)

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