Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Excitement Than We Can Handle?!

Well, we had a great weekend! Jason had his class on Saturday (last one before Finals next week...wooHoo!) and I lounged around. ;-) After Jason got home from teaching, we went to Las Animas a little early. We decided that we'd like to get back into our habit of attending Mass BOTH Saturday and Sunday, so on Saturday's we'll be going to LA for Mass at St. Mary's. Jason is going to start reading there, as Fr. Grimes has been asking for more volunteers. We hung out at Jason's parents' until Mass and then had dinner with the Mom and the Dad at DQ. Yummy! Once we got home, Jason and I played all sorts of games!! It was lots of fun! We played Boggle and Scrabble! Then we watched Van Helsing since I've been reading Dracula! While we were playing games, my phone rang and upon answering it imagine my surprise that it was the Mormon Missionaries!!! :-O I was totally shocked, as they shouldn't have had that number, and I'm really curious where they got it. They asked if they could come visit, I told them I'm not Mormon anymore, but Catholic and they asked if they could please just have our address. I said no at the time, but later speaking with Jason, I thought maybe I should have let them come by if for no other reason than to let Jason use his mad Apologetics skills! ;-) But, I think that if I called them back, I would ask where they got my number and I'm afraid I know where it came from and that the knowledge will affect my interview on Thursday at PMC. So I think it's best NOT to find out.

Sunday was a day filled with Mass, chocolate chip muffins, cupcakes, time together enjoying our small, growing family, and bowling. And, oh, pregnant, swollen girls should not bowl. Man my fingers ache!!! The Mom and the Dad definitely kicked butt bowling, don't know how they did it! We also had the Dad help Jason carry up the hutch from the basement that we are going to use in the baby's room as a dresser/shelf. Super exciting!

Monday came the OB appointment and the kind of excitement we could have done without. I had my 1 hour glucose test to screen for Gestational Diabetes, and failed! :( Miserably! :'( My blood sugar was at 215 and the doctor said if it had been at around 170 that he would have ordered a second, 3 hour, test. But, since it was so high, the test would pretty much be a waste. So, now I have to drastically change my diet and stick my finger 4 times a day. Hopefully, the change in my diet will drop my blood sugar levels enough that we won't have to do anything more drastic and the doctor won't have to label me as "high risk". Please say some prayers that this happens, we could use 'em!

Well, I think that's all....well that's enough anyway! ;-)

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