Monday, February 1, 2010

Life and Unexpected Surprises

Well, we had some excitement this weekend with the sewer line backing up. After waiting for the second load of laundry and while reading on my new Kindle (my early birthday present and it's SOOO awesome! :)) I heard a dripping water noise. After investigating, I found it was coming from the basement which is always scary. Further investigation found the utility sink overflowing and and water pouring out of it onto the carpeted laundry room floor. So, I shut the washer off (it was almost done anyway) and got all but two of our towels to sop up the water then turned on 2 fans to try and dry it out. Jason was of course already at his class because this happened at 8:57am and I didn't want to stress him out so I didn't send him a txt that this had happened, just waited for him to get home. I have to say that I am married to the most amazing man in the world! He handled all of the gross stuff so that I (being pregnant and too gaggy) wouldn't have to deal with it. My dad and mom came to help too, well my mom mostly kept me company! ;-) So, finally after two days they got it taken care of (the details of the clean out are NOT mine to give! ;-))

Then my wonderful husband decided to bring me back to Garden City this morning so that we could have some time to spend together that wasn't devoted to cleaning out sewers! So, we got up at 4:00AM to head to GC and he even stopped in Syracuse for donuts! :-D Then today, I got to train our new PTA though it's not a lot of training since she has more experience than I've been alive! :-O It's just teaching her how to use the St. Catherine's system! It was a full day of training and that was nice, and will be nice for the paycheck! :)

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