Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Another Long Day

Today started out good, I was able to make it to Mass and say all my morning prayers before heading off to the 'grind'.  My coworker called in sick again which made for a very hectic/stress-filled day.  We had WelchAllyn down installing the last of the new patient monitoring system, and I had to setup two new computer systems for the clinic.  On top of that, I was volunteered by one of the deacons at Church to fix a desktop and a laptop at the Church office.  I did this over my lunch hour and was STARVING all day long!  I did some shopping at Safeway and remembered to get my uncle a birthday card.  I stopped at Little Caesars and got pepperoni pizza.  I ate the whole thing and almost finished off my bottle of El Yucateco Habanero sauce.  I am now cleaning the basement some more.  Hopefully I'll be done with that little project soon.  I am so ready for ice cream...

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