Monday, January 25, 2010

Wonderful Weekends and Delightful Dr.'s Appointments

This weekend was so great, I really love spending time with our family and we did a lot of it this weekend! Jason's boss (hooray for Randy!!) sent him home early on Friday so he came home shortly after I got there around 3:30PM. We had an early bird supper at Mission (yummy!) and then watched the first two X-Men movies! Saturday Jason  had his class in the morning and I did laundry and not much else; and then we went to Denver and he got a new bike! We had dinner at Gunther Toody's, enjoying big burgers, fries, and milk shakes! But the best part is just being together and enjoying each other's company...I have so much fun with him!!! :-D On Sunday we went over to mom and dad Spano's for the dad's birthday and had yummy cake and ice cream and went on a long bike ride. I'm paying for the bike ride today!!! After that we went to mom and dad Schmidt/Dabney's and hung out chatting with my folks for a couple of hours. Jason got some ideas on changing the sprinkler system when we start working on the yard.

Today was my second OB appointment. I did have to wait for an hour to only see the doc for 10 minutes (if that), but I had a book with me so I was mostly content! I have gained about 6#s, which I guess isn't bad for the whole first trimester, because the doctor didn't say anything. He measured me and said everything looked good. He also listened to the baby's heartrate which was 157bpm. It's such an amazing sound!!! He then taught me how he can tell the difference between mine and the baby's, I only heard one heart beat so he must be better at it than I am! I asked him about lifting because of my job, and he doesn't want me lifting any more than 25#s so it's a good thing that our new PTA that is starting next week will be trained in inpatients. Then he gave me info about our next appointment and how they will offer the triple marker test. Apparently this is just a blood test but there can be false positives/negatives and we already know that we don't want to do any tests that could potentially damage the baby. Also there will be the standard 2nd ultrasound, but I think we'll pass on that one too. Since we aren't finding out the sex of hte baby, there really seems to be no need for this one. The morning sickness has abataed greatly and my energy seems to be rising somewhat so the 2nd trimester seems to be starting off wonderfully!

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