Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nearing the End...

...of the first trimester that is! ;-) And I'm thankful! Of course I love that I'm pregnant, and really had hoped to enjoy every moment of my pregnancy(ies). That, however, seems to be a dream. I've struggled with morning (AKA "ALL DAY") sickness since conception. At about 6 weeks it flared up incredibly and has been worse since. I'm lucky in that I'm able to keep things down, no real vomiting, but continuous nausea is not super exciting. I've also really wanted to avoid being "the tired pregnant girl" but boy have I been tired! I could nap daily and still go to bed at 8:30pm or 9:00pm. It's crazy!!! I'm hopeful that my second trimester (in just 2 weeks) brings some relief from those two difficult symptoms.

I know that I might not struggle in this way in subsequent pregnancies, but I also know that even if I do, I'd do it all over again! :)

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