Sunday, January 3, 2010

Good Weekend - Sad Ending

Jeanine and I had a really good day today.  We said our morning prayers, got to pray our Rosary in front of the Blessed Sacrament and go to Mass.  Then we spent a good part of the day at my parents' house snacking on egg rolls and all kinds of candy.  My sister even broke out her nice tea set and made some good Darjeeling tea.  I felt just like Mrs. Nesbit. LOL!  ;-)  We played Phase10 (one of Jeanine's favorite card games)... but I can't seem to recall who won... hhmmmmhhh.... maybe someone can refresh my memory. :)

After all the fun of tea drinking, snack munching, game playing and visiting; we had to head back to Lamar. :(  Jeanine has been getting tired early, and she still had to drive to Garden City, Kansas so she could be at work at 6:45am.  Fortunately it wont be that long (in the grand scheme of things) until the day when she can stay in Lamar and not have to leave.  Come on July!!

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  1. Funny, I can't remember who won either. :-p But, I remember who came in second! Me!!!