Thursday, February 18, 2016

#40LentPrompts - Week 2

I'm a little more on top of things this week since here I am doing my second Lenten link up this week!

6. What are your favorite Lent or Easter Books? I'm going to cheat a little, this is actually a booklet. We love the Magnificat Lenten and Advent companions, and we usually get the Kindle version because it is easier for us and we can share it easier. It not only offers a reflection based on the readings, but it also offers some small penance for each day. It's wonderful! I heard this year that they actually have an app, but it's only available on i-devices, so that's a no for us. ;-)

9. What almsgivings are you doing this Lent? We picked up a rice bowl from church and we are focusing on having Dominic put the change that would normally go into his piggy bank in there. We explain to him that other kids are hungry and not able to have enough to eat, and that this money will help them to be able to buy food. He acted really sad when we told him not all kids get to eat whenever they are hungry, and he's overall very sensitive so I think it touched him a bit.

10. Share this weeks Lenten meal. This is kind of another cheat. :) We are trying to make it a point to go to our Parish's Friday services that include daily Mass, then a soup supper, and then Stations of the Cross. Last week Jason went to Mass and the boys and I met him for supper, but Christopher couldn't handle Stations so we ended up leaving after the 3rd station. This week, we might let Jason do Mass and then Dominic and I can stay for the soup supper and stations, and Jason can get Christopher out of there. Neither of them eats soup anyway. ;-) So every week a different group volunteers to provide the soup and crackers and bread. Last week I had this awesome chili cheesy potato soup and the rolls they had were amazing. My group isn't volunteering until March 4th and I'm still debating between a cream of broccoli soup and this amazing tomato basil soup with ricotta dumplings that I had when I went out of town with a friend.

So, that's all I'm talking about today, go check out Beth Anne's blog and share some blog love for the other people linking up!


  1. uhm ricotta dumplings in tomato basil soup sound DELICIOUS!! I once had tomato basil soup with cheese tortilini's in it that were super yummy!

    I'm doing a rice bowl as well. I like that it gives you a lot of info about how the money helps. Like a dollar a day gives food for a month or something I can't remember.

    I think CRS (the company that does the rice bowl) has an app or at least a website with activities and information and recipes. I know people that would make some of the recipes as a way to see how the people that get the money from the rice bowls live.

  2. Jeanine, CRS is one of my favorite charities, and I donate to them throughout the year on a monthly basis. When disasters are happening almost anywhere in the world they have "boots on the ground," so to speak, and can help almost immediately. What I've done is to increase my giving to CRS during Lent.
    My husband Jim and I are going to the Friday meals that our parish offers. They are simple: soup and sandwiches; and nutritious!
    God bless you and your family as you continue your Lenten journey.