Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eye Just Don't Know What to Do

Gah! Okay, so I just talked to Dominic's eye doctor...well technically the technician (assistant?) about what to do with the glasses situation. Because of Dominic's myopia (nearsightedness), he is straining to correct his vision and that is causing his left eye to fatigue basically and that is causing him to have a lazy eye, or crossed eye. Pretty much the only thing that will correct his lazy eye is if he will wear his glasses. Thus, our problem.

So, her suggestions for right now are to eye patch at least 5 days a week for an hour total. When we patch the right eye it, obviously, makes him have to use his left eye only. Because oh yeah, if he continues to have the lazy eye problem, and continues to not wear his glasses...he can go blind in his left eye. As if we don't have enough to stress out about right now.

Dominic used to tolerate the eye patching like it was no big deal. But when I tried last week he freaked out A LOT. So, we'll see if I can get him to do it again. I'm hopeful. On top of that we need to try to get him to wear his glasses as often as possible. Our next option is the same kind of eye drops that they used in the office, in his right eye only three times a week. Ask me if I want to hold down the 3 year old and put drops in his eyes, then ask him to let me put an eye patch and glasses on him. No. The answer is an emphatic no. Prayers are definitely appreciated.

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