Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was just really relaxing to me for some reason. Saturday, started off a little worrisome as Christopher woke me up at 5AM by puking all over the bed and me. I grabbed a towel to wipe him off, but had to wake up Jason as I don't handle vomit all that well. Then I had to go to work in Las Animas and left Jason to handle any sickness. ;-) He never got sick again, but he seemed whiny all day long. He got a haircut that night too, a bit short thanks to momma.

It's a good thing that he's so cute, it helps even out the short hair.

Sunday we ended up going to Pueblo to look for some pieces for Jason's Halloween costume. The IT department is going to dress up as the people from the IT Crowd.


Jason is going to be Moss, the guy on the left, and I'm pretty excited to make it happen. We bought an afro wig and we are going to style it. Any suggestions on how to make that happen are appreciated. ;-)

Also, I'm debating getting a perm. Not like, an 80s perm, but something more modern. I'd just really like things to be a bit easier in the morning without looking like a frizz ball. 

Sometimes weekends can feel so rushed and stressful, so it's really nice to have a weekend that is busy-ish but doesn't feel stressful.

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