Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Recap

The boys discovered ducks at a pond.

I am so surprised at how much they loved watching the ducks. Christopher cried and screamed when we pulled him away. Dominic kept asking for "ducks? duckies? water??".

We left the ducks and went to Confession at the Parish of our old pastor who we miss so much. Well, Daddy got to go to Confession, the Church was very old and very echo-ey and the boys were extremely loud so we went out to the car to wait.

Which is, of course, one of their favorite things to do so there was much fun had by all.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. Jason has had a toothache for a while (prayers appreciated) and it was compounded with a headache this weekend so he spent the morning resting. The boys watched Finding Nemo 3.5 times and I did lots of laundry.

It's funny, weekends like this, that might seem mundane and lazy, are often my favorite weekends. Where we enjoy just being together and enjoy family time.

Oh! We also picked up some Halloween costumes; Dominic is going to be a pirate and Christopher will be a parrot. So excited for the cuteness!

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