Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spiritual Dusk

I was trying to find a way to verbalize how I feel about my spiritual life right now. I don't feel like it is a "dark night" but I definitely feel like I am not living up to my spiritual potential. If Jason has to go to work early or I can't get myself to wake up in the morning, I find that I am struggling to just get my morning prayers said. I know that he is the spiritual head of household, but that's kind of ridiculous. ;-)

When I try to make the time with a calendar reminder for us to pray the Rosary together as a family in the evening, something comes up and it gets moved back until the night is over and I am praying the Rosary until I fall asleep. Not only do we not pray together as a family, but I'm not getting the most out of the praying that I do on my own.

I sat down with the boys this morning and tried to go over the sign of the cross and some other prayers from this book. Dominic flipped out and didn't want anything to do with it. He's kind of been doing this with any kind of reading, but I'm feeling a bit guilty that I don't focus our day enough on the spiritual. We pray before meals and we talk about Jesus and Mary but I just feel like we could be doing so much more.

Sorry for this rambling, word-vomit type of post. I just needed to get my thoughts out there so that hopefully I can organize myself a bit better. Suggestions for integrating more spirituality into our day would be greatly appreciated. :)

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