Monday, September 9, 2013

Getting Back on the Blogging Train

I was doing so well with doing blogging every day, and then I don't know what happened. Life? So, anyway, here I am writing what I'm sure will be a long post to update everyone on what has been happening.

We've been riding bikes like crazy. I started pulling both trailers during the day for my cardio workout and then we usually do a second ride in the evening and Jason pulls both trailers (though I'll probably start pulling Christopher again).

Speaking of bike riding, we have TWICE rode 22 miles recently. We rode to and from Wiley, CO which is 11 miles one way; then we stopped at the park and let the boys play for a while and I catch my breath and stretch my legs and then head back. The second trip I even pulled Christopher back.

Jason went with me to Garden City this weekend when I worked and he took the boys to a splash park which the boys thoroughly enjoyed!

Now a weight loss update. I am down to 263lbs which is a 14lb loss so far. I am also down another 4.25" this month and that is awesome. My workout pants hardly fit anymore and I need to get some more. I'm feeling like I'm starting to make some real progress and I can see it a little bit more everyday. This weekend I wore a dress that I haven't worn for over a year because it hasn't fit. I bought it just a few months before then and it already didn't fit. It was actually something that was really depressing me. But, I'd been trying it on, and just a few months ago it still didn't fit. But I wore it to Mass on Saturday, and I felt great in it!

This week is booked solid; tomorrow afternoon we are leaving for Wichita, KS because I have a continued education that I am going to and the boys are going to play. We'll be back late Wednesday and then Thursday morning the boys have a well child check up where we're going to be discussing some vaccinations (we delay vax); and then on Friday the boys and I have to go to Pueblo because there is a warranty issue with the car. I don't remember the last time that we had so much to do in one week. We'll see if I manage to get any other blog posts done. ;-)

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