Monday, September 23, 2013

All the Things

Another weekend went by too quickly around here, as I'm sure is the same for everyone else. This weekend we had a big bike race in our area that brought in somewhere between 800 and 1500 people (big discrepancy? Yes, that's because we didn't have a good source;-)). Jason volunteered to be a security guard at the campsite and watch bikes for a few hours in the middle of the night. Saturday I was scheduled to work in Garden City, and of course right as I was getting in the shower Christopher woke up. Jason pulled him onto the bed with him, but as is usually the case at that time he really wanted some milk and his momma. So he got down and started running around, we think he tripped on something and his tooth might have gone through his lip. :(

It looked worse this morning so I took him to the doctor. We'll be doing some antibiotics to keep away any possible infections. Poor kiddo!

Yesterday we decided to go to Las Animas to visit Jason's parents and we rode our bikes from their house into town to play at the park.

I think we did about 12 miles, so it was a nice ride. Except for the fact that on the way back to their house the wind was blowing so hard against us! I seriously hate the wind. :-|

So we have these awesome English ivy vines on our house that help to keep our house cool, it's pretty nice.

But, it seems to be growing, even up our screens and kind of looks like some horror movie.

 I was trying to cut it down and managed to slice the screen. :( So, then I just cut it from the bottom, which apparently is what I was supposed to do to begin with. Sigh..guess we'll need to replace that screen.

So, I guess that covers most of the weekend. Sorry for my rambling, hopefully the pictures make up for it.

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