Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Porch Playing Time

So our boys handle the heat as well as their momma, which is to say: they don't. They get hot easily, their faces turn red, they get lethargic and Christopher has even gotten heat rash a few times. The bad thing is that we are already in triple digits and our boys love being outside. What's a momma to do?

Last year my father-in-law screened in our porch and put misters in to help keep it cool.
We also had a water table that was a huge hit. This year however, the boys seem determined to climb in it. I know what you're thinking: put out a kiddie pool duh. The problem with that is my laziness. It is dry & windy here. Even on our screened in porch the water in our water table would get so nasty that I usually changed it daily. So obviously I was not interested in doing that with a huge pool.

My solution? I stole the idea from Kayla (who is both hilarious and creative!) with her sandbox that you can cover & put away. A couple storage containers with water. I'm not original or anything... but Dominic seems happy!

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