Friday, May 31, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol 9)

--- 1 ---

I'm like a regular blogger this week. It's part of what I'm trying to do for myself. I really enjoy writing, I mean I don't know if anyone reads what I write, but it's kind of cathartic for me. So, I'm hoping for some regular blog posts coming up 3-5 would be good.

--- 2 ---

The benefit of doing your quick takes late in the day is that you can wait to see what happens during Friday and talk about it in my quick takes. This time, I can ask my readers to pray for Dwija. She's 15 weeks pregnant, and could definitely use your prayers.

--- 3 ---

I'm working on potty training Dominic. Well, I mean, not really, because he would actually have to go to the bathroom on his little potty seat instead of just hanging out on it. We are using Pull Ups (which by the way is one of those things I swore I'd never do of course) and visiting frequently. Pretty much he doesn't have any interest going, he doesn't seem to understand when he's wet or dirty, so he doesn't tell us when his diaper needs to be changed. I'm trying not to push things with him because I know that it can cause problems, but we are still going to sit on the potty as frequently as possible. Also, the Pull Ups fit him well...he's a pretty big kid...the regular size 6 diapers do not fit him very well. Sigh.

--- 4 ---

I can't believe that I had an entire quick take that was about diaper/Pull Ups. Wow...I'm such a mom.

--- 5 ---

I'm trying to plan a staycation or vacation for us. Jason needs to take some time off, but I don't want our time to be doing things around the house or anything like that. Anyone ever do a staycation? What kinds of things did you do?

--- 6 ---

We have always been really laid back with sleep times/schedules. And by that I mean that I've always just watched for sleepiness and set naps and bedtimes accordingly. This worked great with Dominic...still would mostly, he'll go to sleep when he's tired. Christopher on the other hand, has been a troublesome sleeper. He has this window of time where he will fall asleep and if you miss're out of luck. So, lately they've been laying down for naps super late and then taking long naps which means they go to bed late. I'm going against every fiber of my laid back mom being and trying to attempt some sort of a schedule. It worked for Dominic today. Christopher, not so much. As Dominic woke up I went in to see Christopher crashed on top of where Dominic was probably laying and he's still asleep. Boo. I'm hoping that as we instill early mornings, it will equal earlier naptimes. Meanwhile, I hope daddy will take over bedtime tonight. Hint, hint. ;-)

--- 7 ---

I only wear skirts, and I have a hard time finding skirts that I love. These skirts are so awesome. They are made by people who go backpacking and do all sorts of things that I don't do. But, I can clip them up into pants and ride my bike with them. And, best thing for a mom. They clean so quickly and can just wipe anything off and they dry so fast. Seriously, check them out; they're kind of pricey (but there's a sale happening right now!), but totally worth it. I own 5 and I rarely wear any other skirts.

So that's it for me! For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


  1. We did a staycation last summer. We visited museums, went on walks, walked around downtown, got ice cream, mini golf...

  2. A lot of people around here do staycations but we live in a very touristy area. Google around to see if there is a blog for your area. That can be helpful. Also look on groupon you'd be surprised how many BOGO deals and discounts there are on groupon type websites.