Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes (vol 8)

--- 1 ---

Someone hacked my blog. I mean...I can't imagine WHY, but being married to an IT guy made it so I could figure out how. Apparently some of the WordPress themes can sometimes contain malicious software. Oftentimes Google would catch this, but the last time I updated my themes I was on my phone and or my tablet. On the WordPress app. Needless to say I won't be doing that again.

--- 2 ---

If you follow me on Twitter you may have caught my rant the other day. I ran into a family member at Walmart when I was trying to let Dominic walk with me. He's used to doing that with daddy, who is able to shop, hold Christopher and chase him down. I am not that awesome. So Dominic's walk with me was interspersed with giggles and "look! momma!" and mild-large tantrums when I tried to direct him. I don't think I was even angry, a few times I was firm because, hey, even though we live in a small town, I don't desire to lose my kid in a store. I have a loud voice, it carries and this is the only thing I can attribute to this family member saying she could hear me screaming at Dominic. This was after she called me a bad mom. :( I always have had issues with this family member, and this shouldn't have surprised me but for some reason it still surprised and hurt me.

--- 3 ---


I found this at Walmart last night. Ohhhhmygosh this is so, so good! I've eaten it on bananas so far but think it would be great on graham crackers or just toast. Oh yum!

--- 4 ---

I don't know if you follow Caitlin's blog, but seriously the way she shared her news with her readers and her family is so cute! You should totally check it out!

--- 5 ---

Christopher is a little delayed in his speech. As in, he's not speaking. When we were first worried the ENT told us that after he got tubes in his ears that should help him start speaking. But that was done in January and still nothing. I bit the bullet and got him evaluated for the early intervention program. Right now they agree that he needs services but we don't know for sure if he has any hearing problems. He will not allow us to do his hearing test. We tried two different ones, but still nothing. The auditory specialist wants to suggest something where they put him under to check his ears. We aren't sure what we should do yet.

--- 6 ---

We've been doing the Insanity workout which has been going pretty well. I mean it's crazy hard, but I've stuck to it. That is until the last week or so. We moved up to the max intensity and my knees are killing me all. the. time. I've ordered 10 minute trainer from beachbody so hopefully it comes soon and I can get back to my workouts.

--- 7 ---

I'm asking for prayers for an extremely special (to me anyway ;-)) intention.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! :) We are so excited!! That Jiff stuff sounds amazing and right up my alley. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Sending up a prayer for your intention!