Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Learning With Play

As Dominic gets older and starts to understand a bit more of what is going on, I can see that my vocation is turning into a stricter sort of job. As I'm home with him all day, it falls to me to help him learn and to guide his vocabulary as wee as his spiritual formation. Lofty tasks for sure. So I'm beginning to work on focusing things a bit more, not sitting down "learning" but working on finding more ways to increase learning in play.

I try to talk about colors and letters, sounds and numbers as we play as well as trying to read to him though he's started wanting only to read on his own, and when I attempt to read he grabs the book and says "oh no! All done!" A friend suggested some CDs that integrate our faith as well: Making Music Praying Twice. We will be looking into those as well.

Do you have any suggestions? What do you do with your little ones to teach without structure?

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