Friday, January 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 1)

--- 1 ---

We were spoiled with Dominic's sleeping habits. OK, I was spoiled. With both Dominic's sleeping habits and the fact that since I was pumping and not breastfeeding Jason could (and did!) get up and help with nighttime feedings. It is hard to be the person who does that. Alone. For every mom that is the sole taker-carer of children at night you deserve a hug. And chocolate. Loooooots of chocolate.

--- 2 ---

I mention the chocolate because I want some. I am calorie counting dieting so I have had some chocolate don't get me wrong. But what I really want to do is bake a batch of homemade brownies with Reese's PB chips in it and eat the whole pan. But I won't.

--- 3 ---

Also, I want chips and salsa and guacamole and I don't want to measure it out.

--- 4 ---

Food is on my mind for sure, it always is when dieting right? I should not think of this as dieting, I am trying really hard to make a complete change in myself. So that in a year or two I can have a brownie and know that it's OK. I just won't eat the whole thing.


--- 5 ---

Our tax information is slowly starting to come in. I'm excited. Obviously because I want all that money that the government is sure to give me (haha!) but also because I'm a nerd and I like doing the taxes. (do you still like me??)

--- 6 ---

Did you know that in Canada the government PAYS you to have babies??? I have it on good authority from a good friend that they do. Come on US, if we're going to try to copy their healthcare, can we at least copy that as well??

--- 7 ---

This Winter has been really mild. I mean it's Colorado so you never know what's going to happen, it could blizzard and May or we might not get any more snow until next year. Oh, they're getting snow in some parts (mountains, foothills) of Colorado, but us on the plains? Nope. (Secretly you thought that all of Colorado was in the mountains or foothills didn't you?)

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