Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What? A Blog Post From Me?! Lent and Babies

OK, so my goal of posting frequently has not gone that well so far. But, hopefully I will continue to do better with it. This is the second week of Lent, and so far my Lenten sacrifice is honestly the hardest one I've done so far. I gave up all drinks but water, with some lemon juice. I do have OJ or milk w/ breakfast, but that's not really very often. And I pretty much hate water. So, this is really difficult for me. We are also trying to add in some daily Mass (Jason's doing better than I am, I'm awfully sleepy lately), and focus on our daily prayer life. So far, we are really doing well. Of course, it's only the second week of Lent, so we'll see. ;-)

Dominic is growing so fast and doing new things all the time. He has a couple teeth poking up in the bottom, and it's affecting his sleeping a bit...so it's affecting ours. It's pretty rough, but I know we'll get our sleeping boy back soon. He likes to try to get people's attention and smile and giggle at them so that they will smile at him and pay attention to him. It's pretty adorable. Dominic will take a few steps when holding our hands, especially excited if it's towards Mama or Daddy. But, he hasn't quite figured out crawling; he will stay on his tummy a bit more and just today brought his knees up underneath him himself, so maybe crawling won't be too far off. I'm sure that we won't be as excited about it once he starts getting into things!

We got to hear the littlest Spano's heartbeat today at our OB appointment. It was 163bpm, which is quite a bit higher than Dominic's was. I think his was usually around 148bpm, but I'll have to check back on old blog posts to know for sure.

We are so excited to meet the new baby and are really enjoying Dominic's first year. Our growing family is such a blessing! :)

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