Friday, October 29, 2010


Halloween weekend is upon us, and as the kumquat's first one, we are so excited! He's going to be a monkey...and don't worry, pictures will be forthcoming. We are actually going to take him trick or treating because there are people that want to see him dressed up, and because come on, he is totally going to RAKE in the candy! He's adorable!!

[caption id="attachment_349" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="So cute, wait til you see him in his monkey costume!"][/caption]

And being too young to eat it...Daddy and I will be forced to consume it for him...oh darn! ;-)

Today we will be going to see Daddy in his costume for work. They do themes and there is a judging and everything. He is the spoon, and gasp, is running away with a dish today! :-o It is always entertaining to see what these departments come up with. (It's a hospital, so if you go into PMC and are treated by a cow...well, just look out for the moon!)

So, yesterday I was watching a video of one of my new facebook friends, Emily. Her son was in the saint's parade at his was pretty darn cute! :) I was wondering if there are Catholic parents who do this? Do kids like this better than dressing up as the latest hero? Or do you do both?

The kumquat being the first of, hopefully, many fruits on our Spano tree, we are super excited to see these holidays through a young ones eyes. We are going to let them dress up for Halloween, probably keeping it away from the ghoulish. I say probably because if our kids want to dress up like Dracula, we'll probably let them (if they want to dress up like Jacob or that other guy from, not! ;-)). But I know this is a heated topic; there are a lot of Christian parents who are against Halloween. It can become quite a heated debate.

So, I'm curious, what are your thoughts? Do you think kids should be able to dress up for Halloween and go door to door begging for candy? :)


  1. My kiddo's have just recently been allowed to go door-to-door trick-or-treating. Last year was their first year, and I was leary even then. You just never know who or what's out there anymore, times aren't what they were when we were little. However, I think with parental supervision, it's ok to go now (that they're older!). My kids haven't been goulish yet either, this is actually Ethan's first year of wanting to be something scary, and he's 10. The two younger ones still want to be those sweet cutesy costumes, and I'm totally ok with that! :o)

  2. I think it's all about having fun. We were told about traditions of Halloween, to include trick-or-treating, costumes and such so I feel that kept us grounded about the whole thing. It wasn't begging for candy, rather carrying on a fun tradition. I think in any Holiday there is a lesson of history/tradition to be learned, and I feel that is important. We grew up not believing in Santa, because our parents wanted us to know the true meaning of Christmas. Did we get presents? Yes. Were some labeled "From: Santa"? Yes. It was still fun to us.
    I don't think the Halloween costumes mean anything, just because it's scary doesn't mean it's evil...just the same with the super hero and princess ones. They don't have super powers or own a castle in a far, far away land. It's all about how one presents it, I feel. Dress up, have fun, sweat a little in your scary's once a year, and how funny that the kids forget about it a week after it's over until the next year rolls around.
    Ann's thoughts.

  3. I don't remember if you're breastfeeding, but if so then it is very important for you to eat lots of candy so that he can enjoy it.;-)

    Looking forward to the pictures!

    I actually *wish* that kids would come to our door asking for candy, though I was never allowed to do it as a child.

  4. The kumquat is getting breastmilk, via pumping. We weren't able to get a latch, so I pump for him. So, he did get to "eat" some of the candy! :)
    Pictures will be coming soon!
    Do you think you will allow your kids to do it? Are you sad you couldn't?

  5. I think you're right Ann. Though, we'll probably draw the line at the Twilight version of vampires! ;-)
    **wait...I *am* a princess, I don't just dress up like one! ;-)

  6. Des, you're right! We took Dominic just around the neighborhood, to a few houses. We went to some friends' houses but they didn't have their lights on. And it was amazing how few kids there were out. Kind of sad that we have to take such precautions.