Thursday, September 16, 2010

Answered Prayers--On God's Terms

I have a lot of debt right now; student loans and a ridiculous car loan that total about $30,000. Jason knew this, and married me anyway, now that's love! ;-) But we've found out what many parents find out after the baby is born. Having a baby is expensive! We were really blessed that many of our family and friends have bought us lots of clothes and even diapers to get us through this time until we will be able to do cloth diapering. But, it was the actual birth that was expensive. Plus, the other 3 day stay in the hospital for Dominic. :( Add these together along and subtract from our one income family, and things are pretty tight. I have been praying really hard for something to come along to ease this. I will be working per diem for PMC, but it will only be 3 evenings a week and every other weekend. This is not going to get us out of debt by any means. We don't want to put Dominic in any daycare so that limits our options.

My prayers have leaned towards looking for things I can do from home. Yes, I've checked out all of those work at home things and nothing has panned out. I did get a response to one application for an accounting job at home, but it sounds really shady, and besides the company's based out of the UK. Don't think it will work. So, yesterday I decided I ought to look into a graveyard shift, either at Walmart or our one truck stop. Turns out the truck stop was hiring and I'll start tomorrow night. So, I'm up tonight trying to acclimate myself to working at night.

Thankfully, Dominic likes to sleep in and and take long naps in the morning, so I should get a lot of sleep in the mornings and can nap throughout the day when he does.

God answered my prayer, but He chose to do so in a way that will be difficult for me. I am NOT a night person as anyone who has known me for longer than a day knows...especially if they met me at about 9PM! ;-) So, this will be a struggle. However, it is perfect because Jason will be home at night with Dominic and I will be home with him during the day. It gives us time to spend together as a family in the evening too, so despite the challenges this is really a good thing for us.

Please pray for us, and for me especially, and anybody that happens to order hot coffee from me when my first bout of sleepiness kicks in! ;-)

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