Monday, June 14, 2010

Life, Love, and a Little in Between

I stole the title of this post from my niece, Nicole, she used it as a title for a photo album on Facebook! ;-) But it really seems to fit this weekend! Jason had some work to do Friday night, fixing the Church's computer and working on some stuff he hadn't quite got finished at work during the week. So it was a pretty low key Friday. On Saturday, Jason let me sleep in (he's SO sweet!) and even stayed in bed until I woke up! :-o I'm sure it was super hard on him! Well, once we were both up, he got started on updating his Ubuntu hard drive, and while that was updating I put him to work! ;-) I've been wanting to clean the REALLY clean them...all week, but I was so tired/swollen/hot/wore out that I just didn't. So, on Friday Jason made the mistake of volunteering to do it for me if I just told him what I wanted done. He's pretty awesome! He SCRUBBED the shower, I'm pretty sure I've never had it so clean! :) Maybe he has more elbow grease than I do?! While he was cleaning the shower, I cleaned the sink, mirrors, and swept. It was wonderful team work!

After he was done, Jason had to take the computer back to the Church, and then he said he had to go in to do something specific at work so he'd be back in a while. Well, after he got home, it was time to start our Romantic Local "Get Away" weekend! :-D During the fundraising fury for Relay for Life, they held a silent auction at the golf tournament Jason and I were helping at and one of the items was a 1 night stay at the new Holiday Inn Express, 2 free combos and drinks at Mission Villanueva, and 2 movie tickets. We "won" it with a bid of $50. This weekend we were going to use at least the hotel and the restaurant!

Lunch was super yummy! We both ordered something we don't normally get because, hey, it was paid for! ;-) Mid meal we realized that neither of us carry cash, so we actually had to write a check for the tip! Unfortunately there was some obnoxious guy at the restaurant that was seriously yelling and making weird noises. It was really odd. Thankfully, it was close to the end of our meal.

So, after lunch we ran home and got our bag to head to the hotel. Well, we got to the room, and lo and behold...there was a bunch of flowers and a sweet card waiting for me! :-D Jason's special "job" in the morning was to get this and take it to the hotel to be there when we got there! Can I just say again how awesome he is and how blessed I am to have him for my husband?! We decided to go for a swim before Mass, and that was so awesome! We were the only ones in the pool and let me tell ya, swimming is awesome for pregnancy! You feel so light and there's no immense weight on your back or anything! It's fantastic. We swam the length, raced, and Jason carried me around the pool (easy IN the water, not so much OUT of the water! ;-)). Jason sat in the hot tub while I just put my legs in so the baby didn't get too hot. We got back to the room and showered and headed to Mass. Going to Mass together is one of those things that really strengthens our marriage, and I'm so thankful that we get to do it.

We stopped at Safeway before heading back to get some snacks and drinks, and one of Jason's coworkers was kind enough to let us go ahead of him. Unfortunately we had a dingy clerk and he didn't "cash out" or give us a receipt, and apparently we paid for the other guy's groceries too! What a ding bat! That got resolved though! :) We enjoyed some SpongeBob and I got to take a bubble was sooo nice! The tub at home is hard to get in and out of and there's a hose that was full of dirt still sitting in it from the sewer fiasco, so I haven't gotten to do this at home, but it really was nice! Sunday was lazy, and we slept all the way til 7AM and then got up for the Continental breakfast where I found some yummy carb-less choices and Jason got all the carb-alicious food! :) We went swimming again and then we played Cribbage (and yes, Jason kicked my butt AGAIN!!!) before checking out! It was so fun to be "away" and on a little mini vacation, and enjoying each other's company. Jason even had his phone shut off for several hours!!! :-D

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