Thursday, June 10, 2010

Doctors and Dreadfully Hot Days!

So, the doctor's visit went pretty well on Tuesday. The baby's heart rate was 130 (when the doctor finally found it, he/she was hiding from the doc AGAIN! Must take after Jason! ;-)), and I measured normally. Well, that last part is an assumption, he didn't tell me this time, so we'll just go with normal! :) He forgot to do the ultrasound, and we didn't remind him, but I think we'll want to do it next time because then we can get an idea of how big the kumquat is getting and hopefully avoid an induction. He sounded as though we'd talk more seriously about that at the next appointment. :-s I've been having lots of downward pressure, and a significant amount of Braxton Hicks contractions, so the doctor decided to do an internal exam. But I'm not dilating, or otherwise getting ready to go into labor. Well, I wasn't on Tuesday anyway! ;-) He said he felt the baby's head and it moved, so he/she is not engaged yet. Very weird that he can feel the baby's head! :-o He was also very happy with my last two weeks of blood sugars, so that's a good thing. Back in two weeks and then I fear we'll go to weekly visits. Dun, dun, dun.

On Tuesday evening we also had our Baptism class at St. Francis de Sales/Our Lady of Guadalupe. Deacon Medina was teaching it, and it seemed like he was a little uncomfortable with the material, but he still did a good job. Once the little kumquat makes his/her arrival, we just have to get them a copy of his/her birth certificate and then choose the day. :-D I think that succeeded in making Jason and I way more excited for the end of July!

This week it has been SO hot, it's really hard for me in the heat. On Tuesday I didn't do much in the morning but the drive to and from Garden City was enough to make me extremely uncomfortable and swollen, so Wednesday was a very lazy day. Unfortunately, while keeping my feet propped and not doing much helped to keep down swelling, it did not do anything good for my blood sugars. :( I had an extremely high blood sugar after lunch that day. So, the lesser of two evils I suppose is dealing with the swelling. :(

Today and tomorrow of this week I'm covering at both Holly Nursing Home and Juniper Village for the PTA who is on vacation, and also next week! :-o So, I realized just how hard it is to work and "keep house" while 8 months pregnant when it's close to 100 degrees out. It's SUPER hard. When done working, I came home and cooled down for a bit. Then, started the laundry and in hanging the first load got incredibly hot outside AND stepped on a stick that cut my foot. When I got back inside I decided to do the dishes while waiting for the second load of laundry. Well, hot, pregnant girl+hot water=INCREDIBLY hot, pregnant girl. :( On top of that I can't reach the sink because of the big belly, unless I lean over which of course hurts my back. So when I sat down to rest (hot+achey back=NEED A BREAK!), I noticed that my Cankles were incredibly swollen and looking closer noticed that where I'd cut myself on my scar the other night had ripped back open and was bleeding profusely. I hung the last load of laundry and just sat down. :( It was not an easy afternoon for me. I'm soooo thankful for my loving husband, who took pity on me and took me to dinner! :) He also helped bring in and put away the laundry. Yeah, I'm blessed! <3 :-D

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  1. My silly Jeanine... I told you that I can do the dishes and laundry. Just let me know what needs done when I get home. :)