Monday, June 28, 2010

Are Wii Fit Yet?

So, to help increase my activity and exercise more, Jason bought me a Wii and Wii Fit Plus. We've been very good about doing it every day too! It's fun to play and sometimes I REALLY get moving! :) I've lost a few pounds according to it, but will be excited when I have the baby and step on the scale the first time after! ;-) It'll think I'm really awesome! So far we have the Wii Fit Plus game, and it came with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. We borrowed a game from PMC that is a sports game too, to see if we like it. We like the activity games and aren't real fans of shooting or other types of games, so I don't know that we'll ever invest in any other ones. There are even a few games that we've played that I can beat Jason at! :-O

Thursday we went to my OB appointment. We told the doctor that we do NOT want to induce at 38w (or any other time) and he seemed OK with it. It's hard to tell right now because we aren't there yet. So please say prayers for us that the baby comes on his/her own before the doc might want to induce! He did say that because we aren't looking at induction, now we get to have non-stress tests every week. Oh joy. :-| Well, I guess of the two, I'll take the non-stress test. They hook you up to monitors to measure your heart rate and the baby's heart rate to make sure there is no stress. They are also monitoring contractions during this so that'll at least be interesting. Hopefully the baby will still stay in the "normal" size category so the doctor doesn't try to push an induction. **well, more hopefully the baby comes on his or her own! Fully cooked of course! ;-)**

We had a great weekend together! Jason let me sleep in (both days!) and on Saturday we played games and ate a late breakfast. Then Jason went outside to start some manual labor in the yard. Pulling out the sprinkler so that he can check it all and get it back down before we plant seed in the fall. Some of it was where it should be, and other places it was barely covered with dirt. He got one section done, which was pretty good considering he started AFTER it got ridiculously hot out! After he got cleaned up we went to Mass in Las Animas, as he had to read and serve, and then had dinner with his parents and sister at Bent's Fort Inn.

Jason had a tooth pulled last Monday and it was a doozy. It took about an hour and a half to get it all out. Well, on Friday, as he noticed his tongue was still bothering him, he looked in his mouth and saw a piece of bone or tooth sticking up. :( Either there is still some tooth there, or it's part of the jaw bone. We're back to the dentist today to see what it is and what we need to do. Prayers that he doesn't get infected or have any other problems would be appreciated! :)

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