Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Doctor's Appointment Down! And Other Exciting News...

Well, there are only 9 weeks left of gestation for the that sounds like it is so little time! And actually, at this point in the week it's much closer to 8 weeks! :-o Well, the doctor was pretty happy with weight (lost another pound), the kumquat's heart beat (he/she was hiding for a while though ;-) Must take after Jason!), and my fundal height. He was not, however, all that happy with my sugars. :( After our bbq extravaganza a couple of weekends ago it seems like it was SUPER hard to get it back down. I've severely cut down my carb intake to help keep it low, but am still worried that it will turn out I need insulin. We could definitely use some prayers for the health and safety of the kumquat! :)

My dad got the rototiller from BMS and Jason was able to get the whole front yard done; it was lots of hard work and I was tired just watching! ;-) So now all we need to do is rake and seed the lawn. Of course by "we" I mean "Jason". :-P I'll be the cheerleader. It will be nice when all the hard work of the yard is done and we're just left with maintenance and enjoying it.

Jason's not on call this weekend so hopefully we'll get to enjoy it. Mass in Las Animas on Saturday, Jason's first official time as a reader down there! And then Sunday, we may go to Pueblo, I really want to get a maternity swimsuit because I'm thinking I want to go to the pool often this's sooo hot already! I can't imagine how much worse it's going to get....only 8 more weeks...;-)

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