Monday, March 8, 2010

Wonderful Weekends and Doctor's Appointments

Jason and I had a really good weekend, got to spend a lot of time together! On Saturday Jason had his class, plus a Relay For Life meeting PLUS had to install something or other at work (he can explain THAT part! ;-)). While he was gone I went to the store and cleaned the living room. I'm going to try to get one room clean every weekend so that I'm not so overwhelmed. And then of course I gave a "honey-do" list to Jason! After our hard work, I cooked lunch (chicken, Rotel, and of our favorites) and we had a Jurassic Park movie marathon! On Wednesday when Jason visited me we'd found all three of the movies at Walmart for $5 a piece! It was so nice to just veg and hang out together! :-D Sunday we got up and said morning prayer together, then went to Mass. Then Jason had to go in to fix something at work because Brandi doesn't know that system well, but she came in so he could show her what to do! :) I followed him around! Then we went to his parents' and had a BBQ and played a couple of games. Yummy steak and Sleuth. I am not very good at that game...but next time I'll have Jason be on my team! ;-) This morning Jason brought me to work again so that he could take my car back to the dealership. I know that it is rough for him to bring me and that's why I appreciate it so much, he is definitely the most amazing husband! He never hesitates to do good things for me! <3 :-D

I had ordered some compression hose to help  combat my swelling and they finally came in Thursday, but I didn't get to try them out until Saturday. Well, they don't fit particularly well...actually that's not accurate. They just don't go high enough. But, I wore them most of the day Saturday and although they were uncomfortable and annoying (slid down every five minutes) I really think they helped out! The swelling was not bad at all by Saturday evening. Sunday I wore them until about 11AM or so, because they were digging into my thighs and were horribly uncomfortable. Today was the worst! I put them on at about 3:45AM CO time and took them off around 10AM KS time as they were also digging into my cankles today. By the time I got to the doctor, I was pretty swollen. I will continue to try them everyday and try to increase my tolerance/time in them.

Speaking of the doctor...I had a checkup today. He first checked my swelling at about mid-shin and it looked to be about grade 4 pitting edema. :-s NOT good. The indentions from his fingers stayed for about 15-20 seconds in my legs. He was glad that I've had less headaches, and agreed that I can start the water aerobics at the YMCA. According to the doctor I had gained 3 lbs. since my last visit, but I actually think it was the same because last time they didn't wait for the digital scale to even out before they wrote down the weight. By the time I stepped off it said I weighed 3 lbs more than what they wrote down. The doctor listened to the heartbeat again and at first when he found it the heart rate was 163bpm but then the baby moved away and when the doctor found the baby again it was 148bpm. Maybe there ARE two in there! ;-) The doctor wanted to keep seeing me every 2 weeks because of the swelling, but I changed it to 3 weeks! Though I know that soon we'll be in the third trimester and it will go to every 2 weeks anyway!

Very exciting to know that we are now half way through the pregnancy and closer to meeting our little one! :-D


  1. I just noticed that the "banana" moved my calender blocks to read Mar.70 instead of Mar.07. He/she is playing pranks already? Enjoyed the games Sun.

  2. Hahaha! I forgot that I did that! I was going to change it back... It took you long enough to notice. ;-) We had fun too!