Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Employees, Stressful Days, and Swelling Cankles...Oh My!

Well, I've been training a new PTA at work to take over inpatient. Then I will be doing outpatient. This is for a couple of reasons, number one inpatient is totally kicking my behind! And number two, when I have the baby and don't return to work, someone needs to be able to handle inpatients. So that part of it is a good thing. But, wow the stress of training. It's difficult to train someone that has more experience than I do, clearly she doesn't know St. Catherine specific things, but she has been working as a PTA for 30+ years. Anyway, it is hard to correct someone when they're doing something the way they've done it for that long. about stress! We've also still had the stress of low census, but it's been in spurts, with some days having a lot of patients and the next day just a few. It seems like it's really going to pick up next week though and that's good. We also hired a new PT that will be starting a week from Monday and she's really going to be awesome! She's from Brazil and is also a certified Manual Therapist, so it will be really cool to get to work with her!

This has been a really long week, with the stress of training, the fatigue and the swelling. I'm soooo ready for it to be Friday and to see Jason! Being away from each other for a week is really, really hard! I know I should be thankful for a job, and that I didn't have to stay at my last job where I was going to New Mexico or wherever else, but's really hard on me. :(

Well, in the past two days I have had 3 people ask me if I'm sure I'm not pregnant with twins! I really am starting to show quite a bit, and only being 16 weeks along and with starting this pregnancy being chunky, it's pretty rare to be showing this much. I just keep saying "I hope there's an extra one or two hiding in there!" :-D I'm already swelling quite a bit, trying to keep my feet up when I can to help keep it down. I was lectured on the floor yesterday and by my boss today that I need to get some type of support hose so that I can try to keep the swelling down. I think I also will have to start wearing tennis shoes. When the swelling gets bad, it really hurts my cankles because there is so little support. So, look for me...I'll be the pregnant girl in a skirt with tennis shoes on! ;-)

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