Monday, January 18, 2010

Hobbits, Rings & Spiders... Oh my!

One of the (very few) disadvantages of not having TV, is not hearing the latest-breaking news that's happening all over the world.  For instance, I had no idea that there was a deadly earthquake in Haiti until yesterday.  While enjoying a relaxing Sunday with my family playing games and eating yummy home-made Chinese food, the topic of the Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit came up.  I told my mom that I was certain there was an issue with the Tolkien Estate not wanting to let Peter Jackson film the Hobbit because of monetary issues.  I decided to look online and found a site:, that has lots of information regarding the movies that are out and The Hobbit movie that is yet to be made.  There was some talk (apparently) of Toby Maguire (Spiderman) playing in the movie, but that seems to be untrue at the moment.

So, although it doesn't happen very often... I guess I was... wro....   I was wron....., I was.... slightly less than correct. :)

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