Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Wow, talk about neglecting the blog. I haven't updated since last Lent. And, oh my! So much has happened since then!!

So, first some pictures of these crazy growing boys!

Dinner out with Beth Anne and Tom - Christopher is hiding both from the rain and the people

Another night out with Beth Anne and Tome

Started school nice and early this year...read on to find out why!

So in April we found out that we are expecting Spano baby #4, who will make his/her appearance around Christmas time this year! We are so excited!!

This summer I took a 2 week road trip just me and the boys. We drove from Colorado to St. Augustine Florida to visit my friend Beth Anne and see the area. I went there for her wedding a couple years ago and just loved it. This wasn't actually as bad as I'm sure you're thinking it must have been. The boys did relatively well on the drives and loved the hotel stays. Jason was able to work long hours and clean the basement area so well that now we can use the office as a school room! We did find out that while Christopher can handle heat in Lamar, CO just fine...he did not enjoy, nor appreciate, the humidity down south. It was so bad that when we tried to go to the beach the first day in Florida, he flipped out and screamed "no Christopher outside! Christopher car!" So, lesson learned. If we did anything like this again, I think it would be better to do it in the fall. Maybe. Who knows with him!

When we got back from the trip we took a few days rest and started school up, because when I was pregnant with Benedict we ended up taking about 18 weeks off because I couldn't do any upright sitting to teach them without massive contractions. I wanted to be ahead of the game somewhat. So far I'm not on bed rest (Woohoo!!), I'm contracting some so I take it as easy as I can, but we usually manage to get school done at the very least. We're almost done with the first quarter and I'm trying to figure out if I want to take a little break, or go straight into the next one. I'll probably make that decision next week. 

As I mentioned, I'm not on bed rest (I'd already been transported once with Benedict at this point) and I'm not on insulin yet (had started insulin by now with Benedict), so the pregnancy seems to be going slightly smoother so far. I'm on a pretty strict gestational diabetes diet, my after meal sugars are great but my fasting sugars are creeping up. I see the doctor on Friday to see what he wants to do about that. 

I think we'll leave it here for now. I have high hopes to blog more frequently and I have some ideas in the brain! 

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