Monday, October 13, 2014

The Spano Paleo Plan

I read the success that a blogger I follow had doing a 30 day challenge of paleo in combination with her cross fit and running regime. It really seemed so great that she had such success, that I decided to give it a try. And force Jason to do it with me.

So, for the record, we are not changing our lifestyle permanently to live paleo. I'm doing this purely to lose weight (which we are!) and I am extremely excited to have cheese and bread in 23 days. If you don't know much about paleo, basically it's grain free. I would say low carb, but you're still eating fruit which is high carb, but no grains or breads or anything like that. Also, different from every other low carb diet I've tried, there is no dairy allowed. If I continue to have such good progress though, it is likely that I'll continue with this in some form, possibly with one cheat day.

I would love to try out a cross fit class, but we don't have any here...I'd likely have to travel to one of the big cities. Maybe we will some Saturday just to drop in on a class and try it out. But, I am continuing with my couch to 5k and I'm having good progress. I've done two 5ks but only running the time my program suggests and basically finishing out walking.

This was the color run I did in Las Animas this weekend. I ended up with a longer distance, but I actually felt like I was struggling during the whole thing. Because the course was kind of hilly I seemed to have a hard time pacing myself, and I kept getting a stitch in my side. I'm really proud of myself though.

We are also starting the new Beachbody workout P90 tonight. So excited!

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