Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Insurance, Autism, and Gymnastics <--summary

We had Christopher scheduled for an Autism clinic/evaluation last Friday, but on Thursday we got a call that our insurance wouldn't cover it. According to our insurance, Autism is a developmental delay, and our insurance doesn't pay for evaluation or treatment of developmental delays.

So right now we are trying to figure out waivers for Medicaid (we would never qualify normally) or some other options with our insurance. An adjuster told me that we should be able to have the evaluation covered under the mental health portion of our insurance, so we are looking into that as well.

And we are looking at another option as well. Though more hesitantly. If you've read the blog, you know that we plan to homeschool, but there is no public school provided assistance if you homeschool. So that is kind of our last option. If we put him in school he will get services through the school. If that is the best option for him, we will do it because we know that it is important for him to get the services he needs. But, it definitely isn't what we want to do. So, prayers are appreciated that the best option comes out and we get Christopher the help he needs.

On a bit of a brighter note, we started a romp around class for the boys today at our local gymnastics gym. It's mostly free rein; there are trampolines, foam pits, a bouncy floor (like what they do floor techniques on), bars, and balance beams. On top of that there are some extra mats and other fun gymnastics things. The boys loved it. It is from 9-11 and for most of the time it is free, and the last half hour or so they do some parachute games and sing songs. The boys were pretty much done by around 10:45 so we didn't do that well during that time. Christopher just wanted to be under it and Dominic wanted to be on top. But, they got to play with other kids and Christopher did pretty well with that even. He touched a baby nicely, and he let another baby sit with him in the toy bin. Those are big wins for us. Dominic was, of course, in his element as he loves being around people. Meanwhile, they are both napping right now. :)

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